donderdag 10 november 2011

Letter to the wise women, men and children of this world

Throughout the World a strong call for change, a strong call for Freedom is heard. It is as if suddenly Mankind awakens, starts to realize and instantly wants to get rid of many of the things it has created over the past Millennia. On the one hand we see the resistance against regimes and dictators. On the other hand we see the resistance and opposition against the greed of bankers and the selfish behavior of politicians in the ‘free’ West while at the same time more and more opposition is shown in China. At first sight these events might look as separate and disconnected yet they are not as the mechanism behind is the same: removal of the ‘dictatorial’ control systems by few over many regardless its figuration.

Many among us are currently searching for answers on the question how to facilitate and/or create this Change. Disharmonic solutions of the past like devastating wars or putting more money on the table don’t seem to work anymore and are as well less and less accepted. People want solutions that truly help to create a new, prosperous and harmonic reality for all inhabitants of this planet. To achieve this we first need to understand the basis of our current situation; our current reality.
The reason of existence of this world, this reality, is to experience. This experience is part of our Evolution, our continuing Tao or Path of Life. In this entire Evolution we ‘learn by doing’ in our aim to reach perfection. While doing we are confronted with the results of our individual and collective activities through an external mirror consisting everything that surrounds you. It is thus our inner World of Emotions and Thoughts that is reflected upon via our Outer World. Therewith it can be posited that he who wishes for the Outer World to change has to start within himself. Love and be Loved, fear and be feared, control and be controlled, fight and be fought against. You are co-creator of your outer world or said in the words of Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.
Our currently perceived dualism could not have been created without separation or disconnection. It requires an ‘I versus You’ situation in which the word ‘You’ can extend to your entire surrounding. Any understanding of the mirroring function of our environment is as well forgotten about. Where did this choice for separation started? Well, from my perspective one needs to separate itself from Oneness or the One Source to, through one’s experiences, become able to answer the Universal ‘Who AM I?’ question. Your Tao, your Path of Life, runs through the various ‘Stages of Consciousness’ and many different experiences to finally end where it once started; the One Source of All in which I AM (ANOTHER) YOU.
An effect of this separation is that it very often creates fear. Fear for the unknown and fear for being short of things ergo fear of scarcity. People in the consciousness or reality of dualism create all kind of defensive mechanisms in order to try to control their fears; for instance country borders, walls, caste systems and a military-industrial apparatus. Mentally they label everything good or bad alike light - dark, heaven - hell, friend - foe and men - women and some will do anything to ensure that within this framework they are always at the right side. Then they start gathering the things which they believe to be scarce. All kind of ‘social earthly’ systems are introduced which fit this dualistic often ‘at-the-expense-of-gathering’ behavior. Suddenly those with most money on the bank and those with most assets and/or the greatest armies of the World consider themselves and are considered by the masses more important than and standing above the rest (see United Nations). These social systems are known under various names as for instance democracy, communism or fascism. In these systems few ‘leaders’ among Mankind with a relative higher level of Consciousness, currently often ruling from their minds, try to control the many ‘system slaves’. These current ‘leaders’ tend to forget to listen to the voice of their separated heart which whispers that those with a relative lower level of Consciousness are their younger Soul Brothers and Sisters who they are supposed to take care of.
As part of these systems separated ‘heavenly’ dualistic religions are introduced. Men and the ‘masculine’ extravert creative Yang force rules severely over and discriminates Women and the ‘feminine’ feeding introvert Yin force. We thus developed an extremely polarized dualism between these two basic forces of nature, Yin and Yang, which universally work together in perfect harmony and balance. Even a separate masculine ‘God’ in heaven was invented by the masculine priesthoods who, more busy with their worldly power games of greed and control, want Mankind on Earth to remain ignorant of universal principles and its Cosmic Being, want Mankind to feel miserable by doing penance for once crucifying Jesus and want Mankind to see themselves mainly as victims, unable to change their own future as all is karma or predestination.
As well, science has become ‘materialized’ and ‘static’. It created and embraces dogmas which deny everything invisible as cause and the Oneness or collective consciousness of All. Synthetic solutions are preferred to natural once which are freely available, only because the natural products cannot be patented and therefore no high profits can be made on them. Effects are seen as causes as the invisible system, the invisible universal principles behind everything are not understood or just simply rejected. Yet all of the above happens for the sake of the ‘Experience of Dualism’.
Now please take a good look at yourself and the current World you have contributed to and are part of; a World which mirrors your individual and our collective behavior. Take a good look at the massive destruction of Her arteries, blood vessels, nerves and lungs. Take a good look at the general condition of the water world, the plant world, the animal world and the Rainbow Children of Mankind. Take a good look at the filled prisons, the concentration camps, barbed wire and minefields, the mass graves and the destructive forces of what many in dualism consider our ‘dark or unconscious jungle side’. Please see the resulting collective madness, disharmony and imbalance of this experience of separation. Please start asking yourself what you would do if you just knew and believed you always have a choice to change your Reality!
All things come and go, all things rise and fall. As Heraclitus of Ephesus long ago said “Panta Rhei”, everything flows. Fortunately every experience remains forever available. It just depends on the fine-tuning capabilities of your ‘antenna’ ergo your vibrating consciousness which ‘information’ you can connect with and ‘upload’ from Jung’s collective unconsciousness or Sheldrake’s morphogenetic fields. Therefore, within the Great Cosmic Plan, the time has arrived to ask you, wise women, men and children of Mankind, your answers to the following three questions:
1. If you were to receive the Love and the Wisdom of the Nine that are One who are as well known as the Ennead, the Nine Pointed Star, the Nine Dragons and Nine Fruits of the Spirit, what would you do with this Wisdom?
2. If it were to be proven to you that each Soul on this Planet shares the same Path of Life, what are the first three things you would immediately change in our World?
3. What kind of World would you like the Children of this World to inherit?
I invite you to actively, consciously and in great joy participate in this great Cosmic Event which has been known about and mentioned throughout the millennia by many civilizations. An event in which the ‘Earthman’ who believes he is nothing but his body, transforms into the Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent ‘Multi-Dimensional Cosmic Man’.
This is the so-called and long expected Judeo-Christian ‘Time of Revelation’ in which many things are clarified. A time:
  • in which the Uni-Verse, the One Song, facilitates us to step over our own shadow into a Brighter Light.
  • in which our ‘Frequencies of Consciousness’ are raised to the next level; the Mayan next Sun.
  • in which we overcome our fear of the unknown ‘darkness’ and embrace it in Love as part of our Self.
  • in which we let go of control and start to facilitate mutual growth from the viewpoint that ‘your growth is my growth’.
  • in which the word ‘versus’ is replaced by the word ‘and’ and the word ‘fear’ is replaced by the word ‘Love’.
  • in which Jachim and Boaz are re-united.
  • in which the Condor and Eagle again fly together.
  • in which the West and the East, the North and the South are re-united.
  • in which the ‘Frozen Light’ that we, as Chinese say, are, unfreezes to awaken and become conscious of our Self and That of which we are All Part.
  • in which major Paradigm Shifts in Science are ‘connecting the dots’ and in which ‘material science’ becomes ‘Spiritual Science’.
  • in which the Chinese ‘Imperial’ number 9 joins in equivalence the other 8 numbers to restore Universal Balance and Harmony.
  • in which, by understanding the Biblical ‘24 Thrones’, we move from ‘linear static disharmonic and separated destructive limited growth’ to ‘spiral dynamic harmonic balanced and connected unlimited growth’. These 24 Thrones are known in China as the ‘117 Scales of the Dragon’, in Hinduism as the ‘108 names of many Gods’ and by the Mayans as the ‘7 Gods and 2 Goddesses’ who together are the ‘9 Lords of the Night’.
  • in which the Consciousness of Dualism is replaced by the Cosmic Consciousness of Oneness in which ‘All is One and this One is in All’;
  • in which Mankind remembers It is God and becomes, throughout the Universe, known as the enlightened ‘Rainbow Tribe of KindMan’.
This is the time to embrace our enemies, within as outside, in Love as they are our greatest mirror. They become what we feed them. Let us stop hiding behind our flags, armies, borders, nationalities, institutes, religious, scientific and/or social dogmas. Wake up and stand up. Start loving yourself and understand we have been given Free Will and Choice to co-create our personal and collective future. There is no need for forgiveness as there is never guilt. There are no mistakes, only ‘lessons to be learned’ as Barbra Streisand tells us in her song.
In this ‘Theater of Life’ we all, to the best of our capabilities, play our dualistic role; a role for which we need to forget about our Cosmic Selves. To experience this dualism, the roles of both sides, good and bad, need to be played by equally beautiful Souls as there is no murdered one without a murderer, no beggar without a king and no oppressed without an oppressor. But this play ends now for a new play to begin. Let us together, in Equality and Oneness, change the ‘rules of the game’ and rebuild together what was long ago destroyed. Remember that our Variety is our Strength, not our weakness!
A wise Chinese diplomat has given me the following answers to the three questions in this letter. Because of his answers I knew the time is right to spread this Message of Oneness and Light.
1.        To create a World with mutual interest and harmony among all people.
2.        No boarders, No defense and No political parties among all countries. All policy will be based on the rules of Nature in this World.
3.        A World with Green, Love, and Sympathy!!!
“Whenever there is degradation of Dharma, O Bharata, and growth of Adharma, Then I embody Myself, For the protection of the good, For the destruction of the wicked, To establish Dharma, I take forth a body in Age after Age.” Long ago following was written: “Thou shalt love All Life with all thy Heart and with all thy Soul and with all thy Mind.” Our personal and collective reality is based on our assumptions. So if you feel a necessity to change our current reality, why not start changing your personal assumptions. From separation to oneness, from scarcity to abundance, from protectionism to open source, from fear and guilt to love and compassion. Let this Love and Compassion rule from your heart in all of your forthcoming wise choices and actions. To facilitate you in doing so, please find herewith the Secret of the 9 Nine Dragons and the 24 Thrones; the Secret of Life. Let us Unite Mankind, let us start Living and let us all enjoy Life to its fullest.
I Love you, I invite you to share this letter with your friends and colleagues and send your reaction. These reactions will be bundled and shared openly among Mankind. Please send your reaction to or

My name is Gert Kramer
I AM a Child of Light
I AM a Messenger of Oneness

I AM another YOU